Our Employee of The Year Award

Being a relatively new but fast-growing company certainly has its challenges. But none of the growth and exceptional customer service will take place if it was not for dedicated and loyal employees.

The Passive Fire Company is so blessed to have a team that is going the extra mile for our customers – And we would like to thank them for that!

Choosing an Employee of The Year is by no means an easy task. This year we asked our team members to nominate a co-worker that is deserving of that award.

This is some of their input:

I am pleased to nominate Trevene for the employee of the Year Award. I have known her for the last few months and have found her very passionate about her job, she has a positive attitude towards the team, always supportive and guiding us. She is dedicated and hardworking, she pays attention to every small detail. Whenever we make errors while working on the system, she calls us and explains to us what needs to be corrected, even though it makes her job harder to reprint everything. She is really professional in keeping her office duties. I highly recommend her for the team member of the year.
I would like to vote Trevene as the employee of the year. Because I think she is very helpful, responsive and prompt for any of our requests also she is playing such an important role in the company. Thanks

She goes out of her way to achieve desired results for us even when she is crazy busy already, she will help with whatever task is put her way. She never uses sentence enhancers - even when I annoy her.

AND nobody knows Boris like she knows Boris.

If she were to require a reference from me, it would be a really bad one coz I don’t want her to leave us ..... ever πŸ‘β€

Thank you, Trevene Roper, being just that person the whole company loves and trust to get the job done. Enjoy the trip on the P&O Cruise later in 2018.

Interested in finding what makes us a great company to work for, give us a call or an email.

Trevene Cruise